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Directed by: Michael Jortner 2010 | 14 min.

Section: Bisexual Short

Countries: United States

Languages: English

Genres: Erotic, Self-discovery


Brent, a recently divorced businessman in Las Vegas visits a straight nightclub, and he gets more than he gambled for when he meets blonde siren Brandi.  After hitting it off  -and several drinks later - Brandi invites Brent to her hotel suite.  Things really heat up when Brandi asks Brent to sleep with her husband.


Michael Jortner, "STRIP" director

Michael Jortner is a Los Angeles native who moved to San Francisco at the age of 19. While there he earned his BA in Cinema from San Francisco State University and awarded the Symbolic Investiture of the Hood (College of Creative Arts valedictorian).  In 1999 Jortner heard veteran Hollywood film producer Lynda Obst speak and he started writing screenplays.  While in an invitation-only writing seminar he developed and wrote The Golden Age of Linda Ronstadt, about an 11-year-old boy who wants to be the ‘70s female pop singer.  "Linda" went on to garner numerous semi- and quarter-finalist placements including HBO’s Project Greenlight.

The positive response to Linda brought Jortner back to the City of Angels in 2001.  Since then Jortner has written feature, short film and TV scripts such as his film "Orphan," a 19-minute short that screened at Outfest in 2007.

His newest film Strip, completed in 2011, is a 14-minute short about a divorced businessman in Las Vegas who gets more than he gambled for when a blonde siren takes him to her hotel suite.  Jortner currently lives in Palm Springs, California.


Devon Odessa “STRIP” Lead Actor

Devon is well remembered and loved for her lead role in the critically acclaimed ABC ground breaking TV series "MY SO CALLED LIFE" as Sharon Cherski (childhood friend of Claire Danes’ character: Angela Chase) along with actors Jared Leto and HRFF 22 Alum: Wilson Cruz.

Ms. Odessa has appeared in dozens of television series, as well as films such as Gregg Araki’s “Nowhere” and fellow 2012 festival director Patrik Ian-Polk’s debut feature film “Punks” (2000).

It is a great welcome back to fans of Devon to see her in Michael Jortner’s film “Strip” which screens with “August” on Saturday June 02 at 8pm at HRFF23.


Scott Strassner “STRIP” Lead Actor

Scott attended Duke University.  He has studied acting at the Larry Moss Studio and at Julliard's British American Drama Academy in Oxford England. His numerous television appearances include roles on "Frasier", "Seventh Heaven" and "Jake in Progress".  He recently produced the feature film, "Inhale" starring Dermott Mulroney, Diane Kruger and Sam Shepard.  This is his second project working with director Michael Jortner.  He also starred in Jortner's acclaimed short film, "Orphan" in 2007. “I would like to thank the Honolulu Rainbow Film Festival for including our film!  I am extremely honored and so incredibly excited to attend.” – Strassner

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Saturday, June 02 8:00 PM Doris Duke Theatre Date Passed
Plays with:  AUGUST

Cast & Crew

Director Michael Jortner
Cast Devon Odessa, Scott Strassner